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  • Come On Sense

    Come On Sense

    Tous les Jeudi et Samedi sur Séquence FM 20h00-22h00

    Radio Show "Come On Sense" avec SlyDaWise!!!


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    Every Friday and Sunday from 7pm to 8pm FUNK ANTHOLOGY by DJ VIBE

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  • EVO & RST

    EVO & RST

    From the world famous Ministry of Sound, to the secluded celebrity-clad beaches of St Barths. From intimate 150 VIP parties in the City of Angels, to elaborate festivals with thousands. Playing with the greats namely Sanchez and Morillo and spinning at super exclusive after parties with high-profile guests including Jay Z & Beyonce.

    Tous les Vendredi apres BBC 23h00-24h00 sur Séquence FM les mixes de EVO & RST

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  • Kid Vicious

    Kid Vicious

    Every Tuesday Friday and Saturday from 22 to 23pm on Séquence FM Kid Vicious!!!

    DeeJay KID VICIOUS (Gian Maria Maiocco), young, sleek and full of hell.
    He's Italian and starts many years ago with Electro/ House music productions that hit over 50 country worldwide.
    He mixing every saturday in many clubs, that includes the best dancefloors in Europe. His Dj sets are Amazing!
    ELECTRO NIGHT is a selection of the finest minimal/house/electro tracks of Top World Chart: on Sequence FM Courchevel and Annecy every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10-11pm. Listen/Buy: Discosound 2011 (Kid Vicious Edit) , RISE rec.  

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  • Алекс Федис и его Русские Секвенции

    Алекс Федис и его Русские Секвенции

    Ежедневно на волнах Секанс ФМ Куршевель передача Алекса Федиса "Русские Секвенции", о музыке в кино и не только...


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